Thursday, January 2, 2014

Universal Studios - December 2013

After a disastrous day at Island of Adventure, we went to Universal on Sunday December 29th, 2013.

You could immediately feel the space and that all of the crowds were at Islands of Adventure. It was glorious. The last time I was at Universal was at Hollywood for NYE before the Illini bowl game.
My parents and I got smart. We first went on Transformers in the single riders line. Since it is the same ride technology as Spiderman and no drops, I knew this would be a great ride. In fact, we loved it. My mom didn't feel well after one ride, but my dad and I hopped back into the single riders line and back on.  My favorite part of the ride was seeing Chicago. I love spending my time downtown in Chicago and since I am doing a little side job from my teaching that requires me to be downtown more often, I have explored more of downtown recently.
With BubbleBee

More to come...

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